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Koli Activ Oy is a versatile firm that produces nature, activity, café and restaurant services. Koli Activ Oy functions mainly at Koli, but also elsewhere in North Karelia. You find Koli Activ Oy at the Harbour restaurant Alamaja, Rantatie 12, in the Koli’s harbour. There you find snow shoes, cross-country skis, Nordic walking poles, daily backpacks, raincoats and everything what is necessary to trips. Also at the Alamaja you find restaurant, café and guide services.

In winter time Alamaja is the starting point of snowmobile safaris. At the Koli harbor area you can find Koli Curling field and rotating ice sledge. You can try children’s mini-sized snowmobile.

Behind Alamaja there is also a public campfire site.

In summer time Lake Pielinen offers you a lot, you find Zorba-water runningball, big water trampoline, pedal boat, canoe, kayaks, just front of Alamaja. You can enjoy the lake Pielinen atmosphere at the restaurant terrace, where you can almoust touch waves of the lake.  Restaurant offers good home style cooked food and everyday changing lunch soups. Game stew (mixed meat, elk and red deer) and also vendaces, crumbed in rye flour and fried in real butter. They are the restaurant kitchen classics.


Snowshoe hike

Snowshoe hike starts from Ukko-Koli front of visitor center Ukko. After equipment and short technical introduction starts guided climbing to the breathtaking winter sceneries of Koli hills in the National Park. Walking with the snowshoes is easy and fun and it fits to everybody!  Tour ends in front of the visitor center Ukko.

Duration 1,5 hour or 3 hours

Price 25 € / person or 50 € / person

Minimum group size in 4 people


Cave adventure

Exploring in the exciting cave adventure happens by crawling and creeping. 127 meters long cave is an adventurous experience for everybody who seeks own boundaries. Trip to the cave happens by own cars. Clothing: your own clothes that can get dirty or even torn. Recommended age limit is about 11 years.

Price includes: Safety helmet, knee pads, gloves, snow shoes and a headlamp.

Duration 1 – 2 hours

Price 40 €/ person

Minimum group size in 4 people


Snowmobile safari

Snowmobile safari starts from Alamaja in the Koli harbor. After equipment and short driving instruction starts guided driving to the spectacular winter sceneries of Koli using forest and ice routes. Price includes: guided tour, driving equipment (helmet + balaclava, gloves, overall, boots), fuel and oil, route license.

Duration 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours

Price 85 €/person, 140 €/person and 165 €/person

Minimum group size in 4 people


Children’s mini-sized snowmobile

Children’s mini-sized snowmobile has the same functions than adult snowmobiles, such as emergency – stop buttons. Driving happens under supervision. Age limit is 5-11 years.

Price is 10 €/10 minutes or agreement for a limited time.


Curling in Koli-style

Curling in Koli-style requires accuracy, concentration, coordination and most of all doing something fun together! Game reminds of its “big brother” curling and “little brother” bétanque, but the game equipment is lighter. In the game you are bowling game stones on the ice towards goal puck and with the help of the game stone hits you can move the actual goal puck or your own or your opponent game stones into different locations, and change so positions. Successful throw doesn’t cause ping, you have to try to bowl the game stone softly on the ice. So the game stone slides best and in a controlled manner. Game happens in the Koli harbor. At the same time you can enjoy the magical ice scenery of the lake Pielinen!

Free to the restaurant Alamaja's customers.


Ice fishing

The program begins at Koli’s harbor at the coffee – restaurant Alamaja. From the lakeshore we will continue on foot to the fishing grounds, where we will drill holes in the ice and try our luck at ice-fishing. In between the thrills of fishing we will have a cup of hot juice on the lake ice. The tour ends at Koli’s harbor.

35 € / per person (3-4 hours fishing trip)


Reindeer sleigh ride

Come to ride at the Tuisku  reindeer’s sledge at the Koli Activ LTd’s teepee area,

Koli’s home teepee.

With a disarming Tuisku – reindeer, sleigh ride is comfortable and fabulous way to

admire the winter landscape. Sleigh riders get a Tuisku diploma.

At the teepee area, you get to know also to Ukko and Akka reindeer fawns.

Price: 15 € adults 10 € children

Trip: about 300 meter

On the Christmas time it is also possibly reserve Santa Clause coming to the tepee area.


Ski touring / educational

1 hour from 35 € / person

2 - 3 hour from 45 € / person

4 - 5 hour from 55 € / person


If cross-country skiing is something you have always wanted to do but never got round to trying? Now you have the good opportunity to take our ski instructor, who will teach you how to get start. Learning cross-country skiing is fairly easy at any age. You will get perfect tips to start cross-country skiing from the ski instructor.

Or do you already have skies but you want do it little bit better, but you aren’t sure how it goes. Our ski instructor check your techniques and explains and give you tips how to develop them.

We also organize ski tours for the groups at the Koli area.

Sign up for the snowshoe hike, cave adventure or snowmobile safari until 3PM the previous day to the harbour restaurant Alamaja or contact us +358 400 857557. You can also but us e-mail: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.


30 € / DAY,
50 € / WEEKEND (fri-su),
90 € / WEEK

* SNOWSHOES   15 € / 1-3 HOURS,
25 € / DAY,
40 € / WEEKEND (fri-su),
70 € / WEEK

* You can also hire our skies and snowshoes from Visitorcenter Ukko, Ylä-Kolintie 39.





1-3 HOURS 15 €, ONE DAY 35 €, WEEK 150 €



ONE DAY 40 € + NEXT DAYS 10 €



ONE DAY  50 € + NEXT DAYS 10 €


30 MIN. 8 €

1 HOUR 15€


ONE DAY 15 €


1- 4 HOURS 30 €



*  ZORBA WATER RUNNINGBALL                    

10 MIN. / 5 € / PERSON


10 MIN. / 5 € / PERSON

You find every equipment in the harbour, at the restaurant Alamaja. You can also call +358400857557 or put e-mail. Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen., if you want reserve them.

Activity programs:


Our hiking start point is front of Visitor center Ukko, next to the Break Sokos Hotel Koli. Our hiking trips is going inside Koli’s national Park.

Most popular is

Koli’s  top place’s round tour

tour is about 1km long and it last 1hour. On the way you will hear stories about Koli’s history and stories at the old time beliefs. And you will see the national landscape. On this trip you will see and feel the top moments at the three top places, Ukko- , Akka- and Paha-Koli.

Prices :

7 – 15 people  17 € / per person

16 - 60 peoples group, 15 € / per person

over 60 people 11 € / per person

we highly recommend:

Mäkrävaara hike

Take over the magnifisent Mäkrä. A guided tour to the Mäkrä hill.

On to the tour we will follow one of the gorgeous Finnish artist step. Steps by painter Järnefelt. We will see Koli’s several beautifull faces. On the way we past top places and beautiful fields, differend kind forests. And we will have a lot of fresh air to breath.

And of course on our trip, we will enjoy hiking- menu

Trip is lasting 4-5 hours, and on the way we enjoy picnic-menu (includes vatrusta (traditional Finnish pastrie, like karelian pastrie but looked outside different, sausages, rye-bread and sweet berry pie)


Top place’s round and small Koli

Small Koli (Pikku- Koli) is like name tells smaller . Hiking trips will show to us, how Koli got it outlook’s. Trip is going around tour, we will check three highest point and small Koli area.


6 – 15 people                   27 € / person,

16 - 60 people                  24 € / person,

over 60 people                 20 € / person.




Canoe trip to the Lake Pielinen

First we practice how to paddling. We practice that already when we are still on the coast, then we moved to the water. After this our trip can be start. On the way we see beautiful part of the lake Pielinen. We are paddling to the island, there we keep small break.

Our destination can be some small island near to coast, or Hiekkasaari (sand island ) / Iso- Korppi. Destination is independent groups paddling experience and wind on the Lake Pielinen.

3 hours trip 35 € / person

4 hours trip 55 € / person


Canoe trip to the lake Herajärvi

First we practice how to paddling. We practice that already when we are still on the coast, then we moved to the water. We will past small islands and listen to the birds singing and how the wind blows.

3 hours trip 40 € / person

4 hours trip 60 € / person

all this paddling prices includes: guide services, life jacket, paddle, canoe, and canoe transportation.

and for an extra cost we served picnic - lunch:

Picnic lunch 25 € / person

lunch included: Karelian pasties, egg butter, salty pie ( fish, ham or vegetables), coffee / tea , rye-blueberry cup.

We also have canoe trip 1 hour to several hours, prices start at 30 € / per person.


The Lake Pielinen island adventure

Island adventure is everyone who wants to feel and see islands closer from the lake Pielinen. On the way we are swimming with air mattress island to island and walking islands end to end. We are moving all together.

Islands adventure is a fun, sporty, exciting way to explore the islands and the same got contact with water.

lasting: 4-5 hours

group size:  6-9 people, 135 € / person,

10-17 people , 89 € / person

includes: guide service, air mattress, boat transportation ( boat will follow us all the time ), and end of the trip, lunch in the coffee – restaurant Alamaja.


Cave adventure

about 2 hours from 30 € / person (summer time), 40 € / person (winter time)

Going forward through the cave creeping and crawling. The cave is about 127 metres long experience and adventure suited for everyone searching for their limits. Trip to the cave entrance is done by own transportation. Clothing can get dirty or even damaged. Before to go in the cave, we have short preparation (we have helmet and knee pads on ) and guide gives short brief how to moving inside the cave.

Our trips are examples, for the group we also organize trips on their wishes.

Our coffee – restaurant is open at the season time every day, and out of the season at the weekends. Our seasons is summer, Christmas, Finland school winter holidays (weeks nro. 8,9,10) ans summer 1.6-1.9 (at least). At other times open for groups for separate order.

We do also ATV- safaris, Bike – trips. And outside dinners at the nature. We have Koli’s home tepee (hut) where we offering dinners and picnic’s for groups.

All year around:

Turf treatment sauna

Koli is famous for its nature. Now a part of nature has been brought inside. Nurturing turf treatment is a wonderful experience for whole body.

Turf treatment will take place in the saunas of Alamaja in Koli harbour.  The whole treatment takes about an hour, 20 minutes of the time will be spend in the sauna and drinking of water is not forgotten. After the sauna turf will be rinsed out, but the skin is not washed. This will guarantee that the treating particles of turf will effect longer.

40 €/person (Min. 2 persons) includes turf, purifying water and relaxing tea after the sauna.

The capacity of the sauna department is ten persons. 4–5 persons can be in the sauna at same time. Booking in advance. Tel. +358 40 930 89 11 or Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.


Koli’s home tepee

Tepee is place, where to enjoy tastier dinner in side but still close to the nature. Food will served on to the Kuplika- natural fiber tableware. Coffee will make on to the fire.

And an open flame and sheepskins is giving soft atmosphere in to the teepee.

Distance from the Break Sokos Hotel Koli to the Koli’s home teepee is about 1,4km.

Dates: all year round (winter temperature limit -25)

Group size: 10 - 45 people. Time: 1-3 hours

There is different kind menu’s from simple picnic dinner to the Finnish specials open fire salmon/ reindeer file meals.